ALM Security and Explosives Consulting, LLC

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We Are Subject Matter Experts in Security and Explosives

At ALM Security and Explosives Consulting, LLC in Gilbert, AZ, we are a private consulting firm that brings more than 40 years of experience in the security and explosives field.


We Are a Veteran-Owned Business

We are owned by seasoned subject matter expert, Anthony (Tony) L. May. Anthony has 20 years’ experience working in military Explosives Ordnance Disposal, and has served another 20 years in federal law enforcement, working bombing and explosives investigations. He has an extensive resume providing security assessments domestically and worldwide.

Mr. May furthermore holds a bachelor’s degree in security management. As the owner-operator, he ensures that you get complete and professional services tailored to your needs.


Our Service Benefits

  • Assess Your Business’ Susceptibility to Threats
  • Decrease the Incidence of Lost Revenue
  • Obtain assistance and expert opinions in your criminal and civil cases 
  • Get Technical Expertise in Criminal Investigation
  • Obtain Improvised Explosives Device Awareness for High Threat Areas

  • Prepare for Expert Testimony Training Utilizing the Daubert Standards 
  • Prepare Your Staff for the Best Ways to Respond to Bomb Threats 
  • Protect Patrons at High-Profile Events 
  •  Explosives Compliance Assessments
  •  ATF Compliance for Federal Firearms and Explosives Licensees